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Pass on the positive energy of youth and learn from Lei Feng's good example

Heart to heart to give love, hand in hand to help
---Zhejiang Nature Sales Department



March 5th is the anniversary of learning from Lei Feng .

On March 5, 1963, Mao Zedong's inscription for Lei Feng "Learn from Comrade Lei Feng" was published in the People's Daily.

Lei Feng's life is not long, only less than 22 years, but Lei Feng's spirit is influencing generations of Chinese people.

Learn the spirit of Lei Feng

The sales department of Zhejiang Nature Outdoor Products Co., Ltd. joined hands with Pingqiao Hospital to visit the elderly

// goodwill, big or small


The advanced level of civilization of a society

Depends on the people in this society

How do you treat the elderly

The friends from the Nature Sales Department went out collectively on March 5th to learn from Lei Feng Day, made donations voluntarily, contacted the hairdresser Hepingqiao Hospital, gathered warmth for the elderly who set up a nursing home in Pingqiao Country, and added the warmth of "heart" to the early spring. meaning.



We brought them milk, fruits, dumplings and other love materials,

Helping the elderly to carry out various physical examination activities to accompany the elderly to chat with the elderly, I was very moved by our arrival, and the simple gifts and companionship brought a smile to the face of the elderly.




Always give love and show goodwill
This is our intuitive understanding of Lei Feng's spirit. In this way, the world can be a better place

Learn the spirit of Lei Feng

Make a screw that never rusts

// we are in action

We invited Pingqiao Hospital to perform various physical examinations including electrocardiogram, B-ultrasound, blood test, etc. for the more than 80 elderly people in the nursing home, and patiently explained the examination procedures to the elderly.



Learn the spirit of Lei Feng

Drips of brilliance illuminate social confusion

// love heart hair activity



The barbers also refreshed everyone, everyone with a new hairstyle and a happy smile on their faces



Nature's friends also carefully wash and blow hair for the elderly

// And the little cuties who are busy in the back kitchen

Of course, there are also the little cuties who silently prepare dumplings for everyone in the back kitchen.

The friends of Nature bought the ingredients early, cut the meat, washed the vegetables, and mixed the stuffing. Everyone was busy with each other. After a while, the front plate was filled with more than 1,600 dumplings.



Carry forward the spirit of Lei Feng and carry out volunteer activities

Lei Feng spirit, everyone can learn;

Dedication of love can be done everywhere. Accumulate small goodness into great goodness. Goodness is great. When someone needs help, everyone helps and contributes, and society will become a better place.

Learn the spirit of Lei Feng



Accompany the elderly to complete the medical examination, get their hair cut, and give them to them
We are ready for today's lunch, our mission is successfully completed!

//Through this activity, the elderly felt warmth and care, and at the same time carried forward Chinese traditional culture, bringing people closer to each other.



Learn from Lei Feng's good example and pass on the positive energy of youth