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Over the past 30 years, we have devoted ourselves to the research and development and production of sports and outdoor products

Talent concept

Talent is the first resource

Nature welcomes you to grow up together, concentric and in the same direction, together to face more opportunities and greater challenges, to achieve the common development of the company and employees!

Recruitment email:zjb02@zjnature.com

Performance-related pay

1. Provide traditional festival benefits and birthday parties.

2. The company has formulated a clear system of senility allowance, high temperature allowance, meal supplement, supplementary medical mutual assistance, five social insurances and housing fund, paid annual leave, skills upgrading, promotion platform, overseas development, etc. At the same time, the company carries out performance appraisal to provide employees with a relatively fair and reasonable salary level.

Recreational activities

The company has well-equipped gymnasiums, recreation rooms and other leisure places, and regularly organizes group recreational activities to improve employees' lives.

Personal ascension

The company provides paid training benefits for new employees, as well as educational subsidies for employees who need to learn.

Subsidy for migrant workers

The company has set up a travel expense reimbursement system and free accommodation for migrant employees to visit their families during the Spring Festival holiday

Talent concept