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Attaching importance to green development and solidly promoting energy conservation and carbon reduction

Zhejiang Nature passed the provincial "green and low-carbon factory" assessment

Zhejiang Nature Outdoor Products Co., Ltd. responds to the national call for energy conservation and carbon reduction and the requirements of customers for green and low-carbon production, assumes the social responsibility of energy conservation and carbon reduction, and helps the country achieve the strategic goal of carbon neutrality before 2060. To this end, the company has carried out the following aspects of work:

1. The company has established an energy-saving and carbon-reduction leading group to formulate future energy-saving and carbon-reduction plans, actively carry out energy-saving and carbon-reduction work, implement energy-saving and carbon-reduction measures, and sign carbon emission commitments with customers, aiming to achieve the national carbon peak in 2030 and carbon emissions in 2060. For reference, we take 2019 as the company's carbon peak year, which is 11 years earlier than the country; for this reason, the company will use the carbon emissions in 2019 as the base to reduce the total amount by 29.4% in 2026, and the CO2 per 10,000 yuan output value will decrease by 10% every year. , and included in the company's annual key performance assessment indicators, and ultimately achieve carbon neutrality.

2. Install and use the "Energy Online Management System" to realize real-time monitoring of the energy consumption of each workshop and main production equipment, facilitate analysis and correction of abnormal energy consumption, and refine the energy consumption assessment of each product in the workshop; Conduct electricity KPI assessment to reduce energy waste and effectively improve electricity efficiency.

3. Install distributed photovoltaic power stations. The installed capacity of the first-phase photovoltaic power station project is 2.9 MW. The grid-connected power generation will be realized before New Year's Day. The second phase of the project is expected to have an installed capacity of about 5 MW. After the completion of the project, it is expected that the company's photovoltaics can generate about 8 million kWh of electricity annually, gradually realizing the company's green electricity demand.

4. Implement ecological design for products, improve the application of ecologically recycled fabrics in products, improve the technology and process in the production process, adopt advanced equipment, and implement the recovery and utilization of waste heat during the operation of air compressors and RTO equipment, so as to realize the design from the design. Energy saving and carbon reduction throughout the production process, reducing the impact on the environment. The company will take the provincial green and low-carbon factory assessment as the starting point, and then strengthen the assessment of energy-saving and carbon-reduction performance, increase publicity, establish the awareness of energy-saving and carbon-reduction among all employees, and increase efforts in green manufacturing and energy-saving transformation, so as to build a green low-carbon factory. With the carbon factory as the goal, it undertakes the company's due social responsibilities, and strives to achieve carbon neutrality for the country, high-quality economic development, and the return of the earth's ecology.