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Notice on the announcement of the list of Zhejiang provincial green and low-carbon industrial parks and factories in 2021


Economic and Information Bureaus, Development and Reform Commissions, and Ecological Environment Bureaus of all cities, counties (cities, districts):
In order to promote carbon peaking in the industrial field, accelerate green and low-carbon development, and deepen green and low-carbon pilot demonstrations, according to the national work deployment of building a green manufacturing system and the Provincial Department of Economy and Information Technology, the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, and the Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment According to the “Notice on the Construction of Carbon Industrial Parks and Factories”, the list of 10 provincial-level green and low-carbon industrial parks, including Xiaoshan Economic and Technological Development Zone, has been determined upon application by enterprises, recommendation by cities and counties (cities, districts), joint review and publicity by expert departments. The list of 100 provincial-level green and low-carbon factories including Hangzhou Foster Applied Materials Co., Ltd. is hereby announced (see attachment for details).
The requirements are notified as follows:
1. Pay attention to the guidance and service work. All localities should strengthen the guidance services for green and low-carbon industrial parks and factories in accordance with the requirements of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, and promote the continuous development of energy consumption, resource utilization, infrastructure, industrial structure, ecological environment, and operation management in green and low-carbon industrial parks. Green work; promote green and low-carbon factories to continuously strengthen capacity building such as green products, intensive land use, clean production, recycling of waste, and low-carbon energy. Summarize and promote advanced experience and typical practices in a timely manner, and encourage parks and enterprises to release green and low-carbon development reports on an annual basis.
Second, strengthen the convergence of various policies. All localities should strengthen the connection between green and low-carbon industrial parks, factory cultivation and related policies, strengthen support in production and operation, project construction, factor guarantee, bank credit, etc., and give full play to the demonstration role of point-to-face demonstration to lead the green and low-carbon transformation of local industries.
3. Implement dynamic management of lists. All localities must adhere to standards and quality awareness, strengthen supervision and management, and the province will organize supervision and inspections from time to time, for those that no longer meet the requirements of provincial green and low-carbon industrial parks and factories, especially those with fraud, concealment of major safety accidents, Environmental pollution and other issues will be revoked in accordance with relevant regulations.
Fourth, promote the creation work by grades. All localities should adapt measures to local conditions, promote the construction of green and low-carbon industrial parks and factories in their respective regions, continuously increase the participation rate in the creation of green and low-carbon industrial parks and factories, and gradually form a hierarchical creation system linked by the country, provinces, cities, and counties.
— 3 —
Attachment: 1. List of Zhejiang Provincial Green and Low-Carbon Industrial Parks in 2021
2. List of Zhejiang Provincial Green and Low-Carbon Factories in 2021
Zhejiang Provincial Department of Economic and Information Technology Zhejiang Provincial Development and Reform Commission
Zhejiang Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment
December 23, 2021
— 4 —
List of Zhejiang Provincial Green and Low-Carbon Industrial Parks in 2021
Serial number area park name
1 Hangzhou Xiaoshan Economic and Technological Development Zone
2 Wenzhou Yueqing Economic Development Zone
3 Chengnan Industrial Functional Zone, Changxing Economic Development Zone, Huzhou
4 Huzhou
Huzhou Inter-Provincial Industry Transfer Demonstration Zone Management Committee
Tianzihu Office
5 Huzhou Huzhou Nanxun Intelligent Electromechanical High-tech Industrial Park
6 Jiaxing Tongxiang Economic Development Zone
7 Jinhua Zhejiang Yongkang Economic Development Zone
8 Quzhou Jiangshan Economic Development Zone, Zhejiang Province
9 Taizhou Taizhou Bay New District
10 Yeosu Yeosu Economic and Technological Development Zone
— 5 —
Annex 2
List of Zhejiang Provincial Green and Low-Carbon Factories in 2021
Serial number area factory name
1 Hangzhou Hangzhou Foster Applied Materials Co., Ltd.
2 Hangzhou Hangzhou Theo Elevator Co., Ltd.
3 Hangzhou Hangzhou Huaguang Welding New Material Co., Ltd.
4 Hangzhou Hangzhou Huali Technology Co., Ltd.
5 Hangzhou Hangzhou Five Star Aluminum Co., Ltd.
6 Hangzhou Dali (China) Co., Ltd.
7 Hangzhou Hangzhou Xingshuaier Electric Co., Ltd.
8 Hangzhou Hangzhou Qiandao Lake Beer Co., Ltd.
9 Hangzhou Hangzhou Fuyang Shenergy Solid Waste Environmental Protection Recycling Co., Ltd.
10 Hangzhou Zhejiang Tie Liu Clutch Co., Ltd.
11 Hangzhou Zhejiang Meinong Century Group Co., Ltd.
12 Hangzhou Tonglu Red Lion Cement Co., Ltd.
13 Hangzhou Zhejiang Jindi Holding Group Co., Ltd.
14 Hangzhou Kangenbei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Hangzhou
15 Hangzhou Zhejiang Yongjie Aluminum Co., Ltd.
16 Ningbo Ningbo Zhongdide Intelligent Transmission Co., Ltd.
17 Ningbo Ningbo Deye Technology Co., Ltd.
18 Ningbo Ningbo Nanfang Plastic Mould Co., Ltd.
19 Ningbo Ningbo Water Meter (Group) Co., Ltd.
20 Ningbo Ningbo Yaohua Electric Technology Co., Ltd.
21 Ningbo Ningbo Dechang Motor Co., Ltd.
22 Ningbo Ningbo Siming Automobile Technology Co., Ltd.
— 6 —
23 Ningbo Warner Dragon (Ningbo) Co., Ltd.
24 Ningbo Ningbo Jifeng Auto Parts Co., Ltd.
25 Ningbo Yinwang Electro-Acoustic Co., Ltd.
26 Ningbo Ningbo Exciting Technology Co., Ltd.
27 Ningbo Zhejiang Shuangyu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
28 Ningbo Ningbo Li's Industrial Co., Ltd.
29 Ningbo Ningbo Bochu Integrated Kitchen Co., Ltd.
30 Ningbo Ningbo Yongwei Group Co., Ltd.
31 Wenzhou Zhejiang Kindly Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.
32 Wenzhou Zhejiang Tianzheng Electric Co., Ltd.
33 Wenzhou Ruipu Energy Co., Ltd.
34 Wenzhou CGN Juner (Zhejiang) New Materials Co., Ltd.
35 Wenzhou Yueqing Jiade Electronics Co., Ltd.
36 Wenzhou Hexing Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd.
37 Wenzhou Zhejiang Yahoo Auto Parts Co., Ltd.
38 Wenzhou Panda Dairy Group Co., Ltd.
39 Wenzhou Zhejiang Zhengtai Construction Electric Co., Ltd.
40 Wenzhou Zhejiang Zhiwei Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
41 Wenzhou Zhejiang Meishuo Electric Technology Co., Ltd.
42 Wenzhou Zhejiang Chuangqi Electric Co., Ltd.
43 Wenzhou Zhejiang Shenghuabo Electric Co., Ltd.
44 Wenzhou Zhejiang Dahaoda Food Co., Ltd.
45 Wenzhou Zhejiang Tongli Transmission Technology Co., Ltd.
46 Wenzhou Yueqing Jinlong Electronic Industry Co., Ltd.
47 Wenzhou Wenzhou Xintai New Materials Co., Ltd.
48 Huzhou Anji Asia-Pacific Brake System Co., Ltd.
49 Huzhou Zhejiang Yongyu Home Furnishing Co., Ltd.
— 7 —
50 Huzhou Huzhou Huaikan South Cement Co., Ltd.
51 Huzhou Zhejiang Hutong Ergonomics Technology Co., Ltd.
52 Huzhou Huzhou Zhenbei Cashmere Products Co., Ltd.
53 Huzhou Zhejiang Wuwu Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
54 Huzhou Zhejiang Dehong Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd.
55 Huzhou Joyson Automotive Safety System (Huzhou) Co., Ltd.
56 Huzhou Zhejiang Zhaolong Interconnect Technology Co., Ltd.
57 Huzhou Vaux Schindler Elevator Co., Ltd.
58 Huzhou Huzhou Nanyang Electric Co., Ltd.
59 Huzhou Zhejiang Jiali Storage Equipment Co., Ltd.
60 Jiaxing Tiantong Jingdian New Technology Co., Ltd.
61 Jiaxing Mingxin Xuteng New Materials Co., Ltd.
62 Jiaxing Danfoss Power Systems (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd.
63 Jiaxing Xinfengming Group Co., Ltd.
64 Jiaxing Qisheng Technology Co., Ltd.
65 Jiaxing Treton Furniture (Jiaxing) Co., Ltd.
66 Jiaxing Zhejiang Heng Optimized Fiber Co., Ltd.
67 Jiaxing Haining Chint New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
68 Jiaxing Zhejiang Changsheng Sliding Bearing Co., Ltd.
69 Jiaxing Zhejiang Yinzuo Luggage Co., Ltd.
70 Jiaxing Flat Glass Group Co., Ltd.
71 Shaoxing Zhejiang Jiaren New Materials Co., Ltd.
72 Shaoxing Huawei Technology Co., Ltd.
73 Shaoxing Zhejiang Wanan Technology Co., Ltd.
74 Shaoxing Zhejiang Jingxin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
75 Shaoxing Zhejiang Yisiling Shuangdi Spring Co., Ltd.
76 Shaoxing Zhejiang Dongjin New Materials Co., Ltd.
- 8 -
77 Shaoxing Shangyu Xinhecheng Biochemical Co., Ltd.
78 Jinhua Mengniu Dairy (Jinhua) Co., Ltd.
79 Jinhua Zhejiang Huachuan Industrial Group Co., Ltd.
80 Jinhua Hengdian Group Debang Lighting Co., Ltd.
81 Jinhua Zhejiang Bright Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd.
82 Jinhua Zhejiang Wanzhou Holding Group Co., Ltd.
83 Jinhua Zhejiang Fengdeng Environmental Protection Co., Ltd.
84 Jinhua Zhejiang Haoyidian Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.
85 Quzhou Huayou New Energy Technology (Quzhou) Co., Ltd.
86 Quzhou Vinda Paper (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd.
87 Zhoushan Zhejiang Xingye Group Co., Ltd.
88 Taizhou Zhejiang Weixing Industrial Development Co., Ltd.
89 Taizhou Zhejiang Nature Outdoor Products Co., Ltd.
90 Taizhou Asia Europe Automobile Manufacturing (Taizhou) Co., Ltd.
91 Taizhou Taizhou Binhai Geely Engine Co., Ltd.
92 Taizhou Zhejiang Sulda Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd.
93 Taizhou Zhejiang Xintianli Container Technology Co., Ltd.
94 Taizhou Zhejiang Yihe Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd.
95 Taizhou Zhejiang Qianjiang Motorcycle Co., Ltd.
96 Taizhou Zhejiang Jingcheng Mould Machinery Co., Ltd.
97 Taizhou Taizhou Jinyu Electromechanical Co., Ltd.
98 Taizhou Zhejiang Chetou Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
99 Lishui Zhejiang Changfeng New Materials Co., Ltd.
100 Lishui Zhejiang Kangenbei Traditional Chinese Medicine Co., Ltd.
Issued by the Office of the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Economy and Information Technology on December 23, 2021