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The Company Successfully Passed ISO Three System Certification


hejiang Natural outdoor goods company successfully passed the quality, environment, occupational health and safety management system certification


As the internal and external environment is changing continually and the production scale and performance of the company is keep increasing. In order to improve the overall performance and the anti-risk capacity, meanwhile reinforce the capacity of meeting the needs and expectations of relevant parties. The heads of all departments of Zhejiang Natural Outdoor Goods company have been organized to set up a project team and this team is in charge of promoting the effective implementation of ISO Three Systems from march this year.

Through launching a series of activities such as the standard training, process analysis, process optimization, document revision, system internal audit, management review, the company has promoted the effective fusion between ISO management system and its own business process. At the same time, the staff have enhanced their understanding of standard requirements. The good atmosphere of self-driven, initiative improvement has been established.



During 8/14 to 8/22, The 5-person audit team from Beijing Hyde international certification Co., LTD. have audited the ISO Three System for Zhejiang Natural Company. Through various methods such as checking the data, looking at the scene, asking question, spot checking. The expert team processed the audit of management review, internal audit, craft process, quality control, production management, environment and safety management. At the end of the meeting, all the experts in the audit team agreed that the three management system of our company running under good condition. They are fully affirmed the suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of the management system.




On 9/1, Zhejiang Natural outdoor goods company obtained the ISO Three System Certificate.



It is an affirmation of our company on standardized production, process operation, systematism management for passing the quality, environment, occupational health and safety three system certification successfully. The passing of the ISO Three System Certification will also promote the rapid growth of the company and will help the company to arrive a new evergreen stage. From now on, The Zhejiang Natural Outdoor Goods company will continue focus on customer demand. Benefit from the more excellent operation system, we will keep continuous innovation and provide more technological content products with good quality. Our aim is letting our consumer enjoy the health and happiness of outdoor sports!