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On 10/26, 2021, the 4th Taizhou Fire-fighting skills competition was finished at Toumen port in Linhai city. Zhejiang Natural outdoor goods INC.  participated this competition represent of Tiantai county fire key enterprises.



In the fire extinction competition event with operating hand-hold dry powder fire extinguisher, Chen Xianglong and Chen Xiang were doing well, and won the first and second place respectively.



In the climbing 5-floors group competition event with heavy load, Chen Xianglong, Chengxiang and Xuxianliang cooperated well and fighting together. They won the first place at the end.



In this year’s fire-fighting skills competition, the staff of our company showed their masterly fire-fighting skills and won 3 first prize in individual competition events and 1 first prize in group competition events. It was highly praised by the leaders group of the competition.