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Change, action, breakthrough -- nature welcome party a perfect curtain call


On January 19, 2020, the welcome Party of Zhejiang Nature Outdoor Products Co., Ltd. was held in Ramada Hotel.

The theme of this evening party is transformation, action and breakthrough. Chairman Xia Yonghui and General Manager Yu Qingyao briefly summarized the achievements of 2019 respectively and looked forward to the promising 2020.

In this evening party, the company staff created and performed a variety of artistic programs, many department and workshop leaders have participated in the performance of the chorus "We are the People of Nature" expressed the spirit of unity and hard work of nature family; The exciting lucky draw brought the party to a climax. At the dinner, everyone toasts the New Year and wishes for a better tomorrow.

The party ended successfully in a harmonious, warm and happy atmosphere, showing the energetic, enterprising and creative spirit of the staff of Nature. I believe that with the joint efforts of all nature people, the nature of tomorrow will be more brilliant.