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Announcement of love donation -- Donation report for Stevedover Yang Jiaqing


The loader Yang Jiaqing is for the company contribution to achieve expected due to illness, the company's colleagues, families in the yong-hui xia, chairman of the "Buddha heart, love", "sincere, true, real, true love" values under the influence of love, full company without being asked, but participation is widespread, everyone consciously take the initiative to participate in the donation, love of received a total of 42958.7 yuan, the chairman in the summer of 20000 yuan, other range from 10 yuan to 1000 yuan.

On the basis of love, big or small, in whatever way can help the people who need help the most, is of great significance, as well as some employees in oneself also is not very bounteous circumstance also made contributions, is really great, this also is a person the embodiment of the positive energy, but for yourself is indeed difficult employees don't have to donate all should understand, at the same time also hope to have the ability to have conditions don't cold, help people in need of help, this is the true charity, we will love of every points will be sent to the patient's hand, through to boost for him.

Thank you again to all of our family and colleagues, and thank you to our stevedovers, Yang Jiaqing!

I believe that under the leadership of the chairman of the board of directors, under the hard work of the company's management and the nature of the whole family, the company's development and staff achievement to achieve a brilliant.

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