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Love will help us fight against the epidemic


The coVID-19 outbreak in Wuhan at the end of January has been severely affected across the country with the Spring Festival and winter holiday coming, and Tiantai County, where nature is located, is also under great pressure.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Nature has been the first to donate 500,000 yuan to the special fund for epidemic prevention and control in Pingqiao town, Tiantai County. It was said that the supply of masks in China was tight, and tiantai People's Hospital could not meet the demand for masks. Therefore, the company asked the senior management in Vietnam to buy 20,000 masks for Tiantai People's Hospital as gifts. Due to procurement difficulties, we finally bought 6,000 masks and donated them to Tiantai People's Hospital. In addition to enhance the production capacity of tiantai county protective clothing, Nature rushed to the Ming Feng Company to assist 3 machines and 3 skilled workers.

In times of crisis, nature embodies the responsibility and responsibility of private enterprises in the new era. Adhering to chairman Xia's long-held belief that entrepreneurs should make contributions to the society, it demonstrates a high sense of social responsibility and national feelings.